Scientific Name: Euphorbia

Common Name: Donkey Tail

Family: Euphorbiaceae

Brief Description: Teal or green colored broadleaf weed that grows low to the ground and sprouts outward with leaves that travel on opposite ends of the stem.

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What is Spurge?

Spurge is a type of plant that spreads easily as a broadleaf weed on East Coast lawns. There are several types of spurge, including Creeping Spurge, Petty Spurge, and Spotted Spurge. Petty Spurge grows up, while creeping and spotted spurge grow out from the center. Creeping spurge is more of a teal color, while spotted is green with a darker center.

Spurge is toxic and classified as a noxious weed. When it touches skin, particularly that of children, it can cause painful or itchy rashes. In some states, homeowners are actually required by law to remove spurge from lawns.

How to Prevent Spurge

Spurge is difficult to prevent. Using gloves, make sure that you’re removing any spurge you see immediately. Watch out for the sap – always wear protection and dispose of them in bags. Also, make sure you clean any equipment you borrow from homes that may have had spurge, and always use seeds and fertilizers that are “clean.” Some contain seeds that could have weeds included.

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Need Help with Spurge?

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